REAL EDGE ™ Fireproof Wooden Door


A fireproof wooden door made of solid wood

Most typical fireproof wooden doors appear to be made of wood, but actually contain a layer of steel or fireproof ceramic. Therefore, they cannot be called "solid wood."

On the other hand, MUKU's fireproof wooden door has a core of paulownia wood with a layer of Myanmar teak over it; since it maintains use of natural construction materials, it is "solid wood." However, since the core is made of paulownia, it is lightweight compared to the average fireproof wooden door and offers a feeling of enclosed security that recalls a German luxury car. Furthermore, since one characteristic of the wood is that it has low heat conductivity, even if one side is on fire, the other side remains at a temperature low enough to touch, making it very safe.

Solid wood but maintenance free

The door is constructed of over 90% wood. We developed a structure that is difficult to burn, making use of the insulative properties of the wood itself. Its insulation level is high compared to steel or other woods, making it very eco-friendly. Using sturdy paulownia wood for the core means that the door is difficult to warp or deform, giving it a good frame and fit and resulting in a very airtight seal. MUKU's front doors have achieved JIS grade A-4, meaning that they rank as highly airtight.

The matte polyurethane coating gives a sense of unfinished wood with only the natural teak oil, while at the same time protecting the wood and coating from the effects of UV rays. This synergy with the superior water and weather resistance already present in the natural teak frees the user from the nuisance of maintaining an oil coating. This wooden front door will appeal to those who want a wooden door but have given up on it because of the trouble of maintenance.