Burmese teak is rare and only found in Burma.

Burmese Teak, as the name suggests, is a rare wood from a tree that grows only in Burma (now Myanmar), located on the west side of the Indochina peninsula of southeast Asia.

Burmese teak has long been valued as a high-class wood.

The oil content of the wood gives it superior durability, water resistance, antibacterial properties, and insect repellence, making it valued since ancient times as a material for construction and shipbuilding.

Of course, it is not only the functionality of the wood that makes it superior. The unique characteristic beauty of Burmese teak's hue and texture changes the appearance of furniture or building materials and has charmed people all over the world.

Among the teak being distributed currently, Burmese teak is the only type that is genuine teak, called "true-teak." The Burmese teak we deal with is from trees that are easily over 200 years old. It is clearly distinguishable from the teak of other countries that can easily be obtained on the market, which is grown on plantations and lumbered after a short period of around 30 years.

We aim to produce wood that is indispensable for building materials and furniture that will hold value for 200 years.

Three Reasons to Use Burmese Teak


These Burmese teak trees have grown for over 200 years in the interior of Burma, which was closed off for many years. Internationally rare and precious teak undergoes the finest processing and is reborn as doors and furniture that bring color to people's lives.

We hope that the furniture we make will be "doors" to their future. We hope for genuine independence and growth that will never allow careless planting or overcutting of this limited resource.

Through MUKU's always-honest business practices, we are contributing to the future of Burma. This hope is MUKU's core principle.

Long-term residence, inheritance.
At MUKU we are using Burmese teak to produce homes that can be lived in long-term and passed down.

—Homes for long-term residence—

A home that you grow to love deeply while living there, a place where you can be yourself. A design plan that suits the lifestyle of the inhabitants, using building materials that fit the climate of the land. Japan has four beautiful seasons, and our ancestors survived the harsh weather by living in homes that were suitable for the climate. We believe that a home that can be lived in long-term is a dwelling that includes a close relationship with wood, can handle the natural world well, and is pleasant to live in.

—Furniture that can be passed down—

Great design accounts for lifestyle changes. Natural wood is a material that is repaired when it is scratched, which produces deeper feelings of attachment because it is imprinted with the memories of the user. In contrast with plastic or vinyl products which only decline in value as resources, furniture made using natural wood can be enjoyed for its meaning and changing color. It provides design, durability, and value that can be passed down to children and grandchildren while also being environmentally conscious.

MUKU's Teak Live Edge Slabs

Burmese teak is such a rare and precious natural resource that it is carefully managed and regulated by law in Burma.

Recently, the United Nations noted that Burma's forest area has sharply declined due to illegal deforestation, and in 2016, Burmese teak lumbering was limited to under 30%; in addition, measures were taken to completely prohibit lumbering from October 2016 through 2017.

This is the current situation, but MUKU has imported Burmese teak that we had been stockpiling overseas for some time. The Burmese teak Live Edge Slabs we are currently introducing are rarer still among the precious Burmese teak wood available.

The large slabs are taken only from Burmese teak trees over 150 years old, and the slabs imported by MUKU are all over 4 m long and 100 mm thick. In particular, there are live edge slabs known locally as "big tables" which are over 130 cm wide. These large Burmese teak slabs are becoming more and more difficult to obtain. Don't miss this opportunity to get your hands on slabs of Burmese teak, known as the King of Trees! We can take orders for manufacturing tables and counters as well. It is also possible to use Burmese woods other than Burmese teak such as Burmese rosewood.

Currently, our business partners in Burma have teak in stock. Inventory and price are always changing, so click here for orders.