Burmese teak is rare and only found in Burma.
The natural oils it contains makes it water resistant, insect resistant,
and anti-bacterial, which it an extremely durable material.
Due to its durability, it has been a sought-after material
for construction and shipbuilding for a long time.

Of course Burmese teak is not only great for its many functionalities.
The beauty of Burmese teak’s unique hue and
texture is also well-loved around the world
and these qualities are transformed into elegant and
high quality furniture and building materials.

Today, the market is flooded with teak products that are easy to source,
planted artificially, and lumbered within 30 years.
But our products are what you could call “True-teak,”
sourced naturally in Burma and aged over 200 years.
Among the teak products distributed in the market today,
Burmese Teak is the only authentic kind.


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